Recurring Gift Update

We are moving to a new online giving platform. Please take a minute to move to our new system.

If you've been giving online to Calvary Southbury -- THANK YOU! You are an MVP! Your recurring gift makes it possible for the church to continue to do its work. By giving you are partnering in an essential way. You are funding the mission to reach this region. You are partnering with God to do the work He is doing.

In an effort to be good stewards of your gifts, we are switching from our current online giving platform, Pushpay to our new platform: Rebel Give.

Why are we switching?

COST! Pushpay has been a good solution. They were one of the first companies to serve the church with online giving. But, it is an expensive service. Rebel Give is a newer company that exists to save the church money. They believe that tech companies have been taking advantage of the church. Here's a side-by-side comparison of the fees for each service.

Need help setting this up? No problem! Please email and we can set up an appointment to sit down and get set up. We will also be having trained helpers available after church in the upcoming weeks.