Celebrate Recovery

A Christ-Centered 12 Step Recovery Program

Join us for Celebrate Recovery - Mondays at 7pm!

It's more than you think!

Open the door for Jesus to heal your hurts, hang-ups or habits.

Weekly meetings are at 7pm at Calvary Southbury.

Men and Women's groups will meet separately.

Groups are confidential.


For more information: Email crinfo@calvarysouthbury.com



Meeting for 9 weeks, every Thursday at 7pm, starting May 2.

Sign-up for the men's group HERE!

Sign-up for the women's group HERE!

Both groups are limited to 8 people each.

You will need to purchase the book (Life’s Healing Choices Revised and Updated, 10th Anniversary Edition, by John Baker). They will also have copies available the first week for $15. There is no advance homework required for the first week as it is just an introduction to the program.

Freedom from your hurts, hang-ups, and habits is possible! Using the Beatitudes of Jesus as the foundation, we will be looking at (8) choices that promise true happiness through the transformative work of Jesus Christ. Come and see for yourself, as you work through these practical teachings together!

For more information: Email crinfo@calvarysouthbury.com



Welcome to the “Road to Recovery.” You are in for an exciting and amazing journey as you take the hand of the true and only Higher Power, Jesus Christ, and walk with Him toward healing and serenity.


The purpose of this program is to allow us to become free from life’s hurts, hang-ups, and habits. By working through the eight recovery principles found in the Beatitudes with Jesus Christ as your Higher Power, you can and will change. You will begin to experience the true peace and serenity you have been seeking, and you will no longer have to rely on your dysfunctional, compulsive, and addictive behaviors as a temporary “fix” for your pain.


By applying the biblical principles of conviction, conversion, surrender, confession, restitution, prayer, quiet time, witnessing and helping one another, which are found within the eight principles and the Christ-centered 12 Steps, you will restore and develop deeper relationships with others and God.