Venture In Faith

Everything you need to know about the new journey God is taking us on.

A Letter from Pastor John


Imagine what Connecticut would look like if just 10% of its population were followers of Jesus. If only 360,000 people were followers of Jesus, our state and our region would be forever changed. But we know God can do so much more than that. And, I believe, He will.

At Calvary Chapel Southbury, we want to see God transform our region, and we are amazed by what He has done so far. He has taken us from a tiny church plant of only 5-6 people and has transformed us into the church that we are today. We have well over 300 people attending each Sunday, but this is just the beginning; He wants to use us to reach out, to push past our comfort levels, to break down the walls that keep the Gospel from going forward. Right now, we need to break down some walls… literally.

Our rented space, which has been a blessing to us as we’ve grown, is quickly becoming a limitation. If we want to keep pursuing our vision to make an impact in the region, which is God’s heart, we have to take a bold step. We need a new home for our church- one that will be an instrument for continued growth, the planting of churches, and transformation of our state through the Gospel.

Can you imagine what God will do? Can you imagine how He could use us? Can you imagine that you get to partner with Him to build His Kingdom? God has big plans to use each of us to advance the Gospel. It’s my prayer that you will join in this work, that you will invest in it, and that you will see how faithful God is when His people throw themselves into His mission. Can you imagine what He will do? Let’s find out, together.

-Pastor John Eastwood

What This Means For You

Maybe you don't feel comfortable with this whole "giving campaign" thing. To be honest, we don't love it either. Why? Because sometimes doing things that the Lord commands isn't comfortable. It's not comfortable for us to ask, and it's not comfortable for you to hear. God could have provided everything needed to plant this church, but He wants to build up His church by teaching them to invest in eternal things.

Now, the Lord has put this work before us-- before each of us. Will you pray about making the most generous contribution to ministry you've ever made? Pray over the chart we have below. Ask God to show you the number He has for you, and watch the wonders God does when His people are faithful.

Giving Chart

For your convenience, this giving chart is included to make it easier to estimate your total gift over a three-year campaign.


$2,850    $950       $79  $18

$5,000                        $1,667            $139               $32

$7,500                        $2,500            $208               $48

$10,000                       $3,333            $278               $65

$15,000                       $5,000            $417               $97

$25,000                       $8,333            $694               $161

$40,000                       $13,333           $1,111            $256

$50,000                       $16,667           $1,389            $320

$75,000                       $25,000           $2,083            $481

$100,000                     $33,333           $2,778            $641

$250,000                     $83,333           $6,944            $1,602

The totals represented in this sample are approximate. Your actual monthly and yearly giving may vary.